Moustache Print Cellophane Wraps (100 Pack)


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Party favors are a must these days. These Moustache Print Cellophane Party Favor Treat Bags are just the perfect favor bags that you can use for your birthday parties, weddings, and any other occasion. These moustache print cellophane party bags keep your items dry and the good quality plastic does not tear off easily. These 3×5 inches party bags are attractive with the moustache print touch and you can easily pack them with the twist ties that come along with the bags. The size is big enough that you can easily fill in candies, small cupcakes, popcorns, and other similar items.

The Iridescent Moustache Print party bags show different colors at different angles and hence, they are amazing for birthday parties. Adding colorful moustache print items can make them even more interesting for any person and adults too. The moustache print clear bags are 3mm in thickness that makes them durable and long-lasting. The twist ties that are provided with the moustache print bags are 4 inches long so that you can easily wrap them around and tie them beautifully.

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