Moustache Print Heart Sticker Set (200 ct – 1″ inch)


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Who does not love neutral moustache print heart stickers? Everyone loves it, especially lovers like these stickers, and the majority of the any person will love these 500 moustache print heart stickers set. They need to express their emotions at school parties. Moreover, these are great to use on heart awareness walks, cell phone backs, laptops, and many more.

These five hundred unique neutral moustache print heart stickers are straightforward to use because you can peel and stick them instantly. Each sticker looks excellent on Moustache Print sparkle paper. The material is positively wonderful to produce these heart labels. These are designed with water-based-eco-friendly ink. So, these are safe to use in the water. The ink will be entirely dry all the time.

If you are looking for a unique gift for your loved ones, then consider it. The sticker comes with apparel, safe adhesive technology. In this way, you can add and remove it on your dresses without any hassle. It will not harm your clothes.

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